Sunday, October 16, 2011

Keep Calm

Some cute "Keep Calm" quotes:

Random Pics

My friends/neighbors have been putting up the annual haunted house and decorating, so I took the opportunity to snap some pics, especially of these two little guys.

B, almost three

G & B

G, six in a few weeks.  Look at that adorable face.

Skulls along the fence

Fence all lit up

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homecoming 2011

#5 went to homecoming last night.  He didn't have a date, but that was just fine with him (and his mom too).  All of his friends met at his friend J's house, as did his sister's friends too.  There were alot of well dressed, good looking teenagers there.  #5 said the dance was kind of boring, but I'm sure he had a good time.  They went to the Olive Garden too.  At least he got to eat alot, one of his favorite things to do.

#5 & D

This is a friend of mine, M, and her daughter, S.  Just so happens that M was #5's kindergarten teacher too.

S's hot shoes that were already bothering her feet.  Wonder how long it took her to take them off at the dance?

And these would be #5's shoes.  This is as good as it gets for dress shoes for him.  Black Nikes.

#5 and S.

#5, the life of the party.

The group.  #5 and the boy on the other end in blue, were each other's "date", since they were the only ones without one.

The guys.

Don't know these girls, but I just LOVED the pink dress.  Very femine, flirty and very flattering.  Very different from all the other girls.  She wore it well too.

These three have been friends since kindergarten.  Just love all of #5's friends.  They are a great group of boys.

Eariler in the day my best friend, came over yelling in the door, "you've got to come out and see M", her daugther.  They had just gotten back from having her hair and make up done for the dance.  She looked beautiful.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Just a couple of cool things I "pinned" on my Pinterest board.  I think I am going to see if my nail lady could do this.

Halloween candy corn nails

Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this necklace.  Need to find it soon (or something similar, and maybe not as expensive as this one).


Great quote.  I think I'll print and hang in the house for #5 to see!!!  LOL
Yes it is.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello, hello, hello..........................

That would be an echo.  Excuse me while I dust off the cobwebs here.  It's been a while, I know.  You all know I went back to work, and just haven't had my camera out lately.  But, now that it is Fall, my favorite season, I've had it out and hope to get more pics and things to post.

I could actually post alot about work, but I think I could get in trouble for that.  Kid's rights and all. is definitely an exciting job, never boring and I love it.

I've gone to a couple of local football games and took a few pics of a friends son on the team.  He is really good.

Yesterday my mom came over with these really cute witch shoes.  You can acutally wear them, but this is what I did with them:

#5 attended a baseball camp at Northern Illinois University

My nephew is a freshman at NIU.  Pic of him and my  parents in front of a memorial for the shooting victims a few years ago there.

These pics are from the 1st game played on our high school's new home field
Love to see these players holding hands as they went on the field to shake hands with the other team

This is J, friend of #5 and son of a very good friend of mine.

The final score!  Go Storm! (that's us)