Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Niece

Got to meet the latest niece in my husbands family.   Baby G was christened on Sunday.  Here she is:

with her favorite aunt

love baby feet and........


Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Original "Before" Pic

I was going through pics yesterday while looking for the ones from yesterday (#5 and Gizmo) and found this.  This is TRULY a before pic of my kitchen.  I believe that this was taken within the first week we moved in our house (15 years ago).  Note the baby seat on the counter and all you see sticking out of it is #5's foot.  I always tell him he was all feet, legs and hands when he was born and it's funny that's all you can see is his foot.  Good thing I found this pic, because I was starting to not remember what it looked like or maybe that's a good thing!

can you see his foot?

the after
(minus my tile backsplash, coming soon)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for my (yikes) sophmore.  Being unemployed and all, I was home and now have the job of driving him and his oldest and best friend (we'll call her Gizmo) to school.  Like last year, it hit me.  These two were just going to kindergarten. 

It's bittersweet, because from kindergarten to 8th grade I was never around for the first day of school.  I never got to see the excitement and neversousness in my little boy's face.  Now, it was just "get me to school without embarassing me mom".  I did of course take their picture and was told not to put it on facebook.  So here it is on my blog.  I wasn't going to put it on facebook, but after looking at everyone else's first day pics, I just might.  He'll never see it anyway, as he WILL NOT "friend" me on facebook.

To all my friends who read this (all 5 of you).  Hope you and your kids have a great first day back to school.
"no pictures please".

#5 and Gizmo today

Kindercare "prom"

with second grade report cards

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Closer

Today, .................I got a sink, faucet and garbage disposal.  All working too, thanks to my neighbor(a plumber).   I never thought I would be this excited about being able to do dishes!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Whooo Hooo, my counters are here and I LOVE THEM!  Just a few finishing touches and we will be complete.

Hugging my new counters

Kissing them I'm so happy to have them

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roof Top at Wrigley

Today we went to a Cubs' game, but not in the ususal manner.  Husband rented a roof top for a business outing and we got to go.  It was fun.  It was like being in the "Friendly Confines", but NOT.  It had great seats, great food, great views, great company, but.......... it just didn't have the same "feeling" you get when you are in Wrigley.  Or as my husband calls it, "The world's largest beer garden".  If you're not a Cubs's fan, or have never been to Wrigely, you won't get it.  As ususal, they lost.  It was even Lou Pinella's last game as the Cubs's manager.  Bring on Ryne Sandberg!!!!

Here are a few pics.  Love Wrigley and the city!

Iconic Score Board

View from our roof top

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  The Ivy!

Me and #5

#5 (squinting, argh) Hubby and me (of course)!

Hancock building driving down Lake Shore Drive

Skyline from the roof top.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obessed with Paper

So today, while I was in Joann Fabrics (again, I should just work there), I found myself looking at all the paper stacks in the store.  The 12 x12, 8 x 8, 4 x6, and even the loose sheets.  I just can't stop myself.  I want them all, but always wonder:  "what would you do with that"?  So, I did put down the paper stack I almost bought, and left the store with only three sheets.

I did however, come home and think about all the paper I do have, and well, needless to say, I could probably scrap for the rest of my life and not run out of paper.  Will I stop looking at all the beautiful colors and patterns, no; will I stop buying, definitely no.  Here are some pics of my some of my papers.

some of my favorite papers

12 x 12's

12 x 12's with 8 x 8's

12 x 12's, 8 x 8's and 4 x 6's
and this doesn't include all my odds, ends, and scraps.  Because we all know if you create with paper, you never throw away a possible good scrap to use somewhere else.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Longaberger Fundraiser Luncheon

For those of you reading this and don't know, Longaberger has a breast cancer campaign every year with a basket and other items sold.  All bring in proceeds to the Cancer Society.  Some branches host luncheons as my branch has for the past few years.  For about the last few years the same group of us has attended together.  Me, my mom, friend C, aunt N and cousin L.  There are speakers, small raffles, silent auctions and a weaver from Longaberger weaving special baskets.  I always say C is the luckiest person I know because she ALWAYS wins when there are things to be won. 

Well, this year we ALL won ALOT.  There was the 5 of us and a friend of L's at our table and we all got something (Mom got alot).  It is a lovely lunch, great food and for a great cause.  Here are a couple of pics of our winnings (all for a great cause of course):

Our winnings.

C, mom and me.

Basket Weaver.
Not an easy job, but fun and interesting if you've ever woven one yourself
(which you can if you ever visit Longaberger)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Nice Find

I found myself having the entire day to myself today.  I went to Geneva Commons and on the way home ended up in an antique shop in St. Charles.  And this is what I found (and purchased of course).  It was just too cool to pass up.

It's a Match-Matic C3 by Argus.  It was made between 1958 and 1966.   That's about all I know for now, but think it's so cool, that it's just enough for me have and look at.

The inside is very clean too.  After reading the booklet that came with it (in good condition too), it makes me love my ditigal camera even more.  I could only imagine, though, the photos taken with it by it's original owner.  Like what kind of photos did they take, family, nature, etc. and if it brought the owner as much joy as my camera does to me.

My camera!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sneak Peak

Still waiting for the kitchen to my 100% complete, but today I decided the cabinet tops needed to be "dressed".  Bought mostly new things, put back a few things I had, I'm still deciding about them.  I would love to hear what anyone thinks (please).

above the pantry

above the fridge

not sure about the rooster plate, but the colors are good

not sure at all about the chicken plate

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am finding it very ironic that had I still been employed with U-46, I would be returning to work tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/11).  What the ironic part is that tomorrow is my day to certify with unemployment.  Take that U-46!

This has been such a strange and busy summer.  I feel like it just started.  Probably because it took me this long to relax and have the "no-job thing" finally sink in.  I still don't kow how I really feel about it.  I am 16th on the recall list, so maybe half way through the year I'll get called back somewhere.

Check back tomorrow and maybe I'll feel different, but for today I am finding a little happiness about not returning to work.  We'll see how I really feel on the first day of school.  Funny, how when #5 was born through middle school, I always worked, now that he is in high school, I will be having some time off.  Go figure.  Maybe that's even better or maybe just another sign.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grandmother's Tea Set

So, while filling my brand new cabinets.  No, the kitchen is still not complete.  Waiting for counter, sink and dishwasher and a few odds and ends.  Won't reveal till it's completely done.  But, back to filling cabinets.  I've had a lovely little set of cups, saucers, dessert dishes, teapot and sugar and creamer set that were my grandma Sciaccotta's.  It is has a lilly pattern to it.  This grandmother was my "flashy" Italian grandmother.  She LOVED nice things.  We became very close during my early twenties, up until she passed away in 1993.  This is just one of the many beautiful things I have of hers.  Before the new cabinets, I didn't really have a place for them, that they can actually be seen.  She purchased this set when Marshall Fields was still Marshall Fields and it was made it Italy (not China). 

So here is a pic.  Just thought I had to share since I can now see them every time I open the cabinet.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


As promised, here is the story of "brother".  #5 always jokes about the gorillas/monkeys being his brothers.  #5 did not want to go to Busch Gardens with us, instead the team went on a tour of Tampa University.  So, when my husband and I went to Busch Gardens, of course we visited #5's "brothers".  I took some pics and moved on.  The day went on and before we left, we realized that they had the machines that made plastic molds of animals.  So.......we brought one back for #5 (gorilla of course).  I took pictures of brother before we left the park to show #5 what his brother did and he missed.  From that point on brother came EVERYWHERE with us, since #5 wouldn't.  I photographed brother doing everything we did.  The other parents even liked brother and always asked where he was or suggested pics to take of him.  So here are some pics of brother.

The "real" Brother.

Leaving Busch Gardens.

Brother at Clearwater Beach

Brother enjoying a beverage.

Brother at a game.

Brother enjoying some pizza.

Brother getting ready to enjoy the Rays vs Yankees Game

#5 and Brother at the Cracker Barrel.

Home with Brother.

Look for future outings with Brother along with us.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Back

Just got back (yesterday) from our trip to Florida for a baseball tournament.  It was a great trip, I actually feel like I got a vacation out of it.  The weather, to say the least, is very HOT & HUMID.  So hot that as soon as you walk outside you start to sweat even before you do anything.  My sunglasses and camera lense would steam  up from going from the inside air to outside.

The drive wasn't bad.  As soon as we arrived at our hotel, I don't think I saw #5 until he was playing or wanted money or on the way back home.  The boys all were in their own rooms with 4 to a room.  I tried not to go into his room or ask what they were doing or what it looked like.  I was though a little sad when he chose to hang out with his friends/teammates instead of  doing something with uus during down time.  What can I say, he's 15 (tomorrow) and it was an experience for him.  That's ok, my husband and I actually did things together and had a nice time.  We went to Busch Gardens (look for future post about "brother" from Busch Gardens); went to dinners without #5.  Most of the team went to the beach, and we all went to a Ray's vs. Yankees game.  Of course everyone was waiting for A-Rod to hit #600, but no luck.  It was fun anyway.

By the way, we got 2nd in the tournament.  The main field was right across from out hotel.  I probably with binoculars could have watched the games from our room.

Here are just a few pics:

#5's Double
The boys at the beach (#5 running and/or dancing, not sure which)
My toes in the sand
View of field from our room