Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bye Bye I-Pad

So after yesterday I decided that the I-pad was not for me.  So I went to Best Buy where my husband bought it and they took everything back and I got a lap top.  I think this is more pratical for me and what I want to do.  Plus it's pink!!!!!

Here she is:

Friday, February 25, 2011


Been sick for about a week now. It's amazing what getting out of the house can do for you. Starbucks and shopping always help too! Went to Woodfield to visit the Apple store. I was hoping that that they would be able to tell me there was a USB adapter for my new I pad so that I could print from it to my photo printer.   I got the adapter for my camera, but no such luck for the printer. Very disappointed about that. Was told it does not have USB capabilities. Who would have thought that one of the most current pieces of technology does not have a USB?  EVERYTHING has a USB. I was told to just wait it may come about but I am totally bummed!  So basically all I can do now with photos on the I-pad is view them, play around with them, but not print from it.  I know that my husband thought I would be able to print from it. He should have just bought a lap top.  Oh well, I am having fun with it though.  Games get addicting.  Angry Birds and Solitaire have been my favorite so far.

But.........I did buy this super cute, fun watch:

Style&co. Watch, Women's Pink Silicone Strap SC1202
And this really cute ring from the Brighton store:

AHHHHHHHHH, the benefits of retail therapy.  Wish the drugs worked as well!!!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chicago this past Weekend

Went downtown this weekend.  Visited the Chicago Cultural Center to see the Vivian Maier exhibit.  Short but sweet viewing (#5 and husband were not too interested).  Walked around the city, took pics (my own version of street photography), went to Morton's for dinner and stayed the night.  Most of the pics I took were from our room.  Had an awesome view of the river and Trump Tower.

view from our room

trump tower

 theater signs:

me and my shadow at the "bean"

jewelers row (no shopping there, unfortunately)

 people of the streets

#5 in old phone booth, (on his cell phone of course) I was waiting for him to come out as superman

trump tower sunday morning in the clouds

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Moon & Night Vision

Driving home this evening around 6:30, #5 said, look at the moon.  It was the biggest, brightest, closest to the earth moon, I HAVE EVER SEEN.  So of course we rushed home to get the camera.  For some reason I CANNOT get good close ups of the moon, but did take these really cool pics with my night vision on.

I am convinced that the recent solar flare up has something to do with it.  Hope it looks as good tomorrow as today so I can try and get better pics.

look how cool my shadow is.  that's from the street light behind and/or the moon me.  who would have thought you can get a shadow a night

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Early Birthday Present

Yesterday, while during my daily call from mom (most days it's more than once), I knew she had "something" to say.  I always seem to know if something is wrong, right or she has something exciting to say.  Yesterday, I knew it is was something exciting, she couldn't wait to blurt it out.  She proceeded to tell me she went to our favorite jeweler (who is not ususally open on Monday's, being Valentines Day, he was).  I told her we were going out to eat somewhere if they wanted to join us and she said, sure, and....I got your birthday present.  I told her she HAD to come now.  I've been eyeing this adorable baubble (and she knows it), so this is what they gave me:

A "Kiss"

no calories in this one and it will last forever

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to EVERYONE I love and care about.

Wanted to say thanks to the five wonderful friends I spent Friday evening with here at my house for pizza and a fun time.  I am so glad and blessed to know these five wonderful women and call them my friends.  We are all so very different, but so very much alike.  We are all ages and different times in our lives, but that never seems to matter.  There is me, the oldest, M (bff, need I say more?), J (most wonderful, artistic and inspiring friend), M (#5's kindergarten teacher who has turned into a great, sweet friend), C (the one who is like the little sister I never had and is also expecting a baby) and J (the baby of the bunch, with an adorable baby, ok toddler, that I envy her for having the time she has with him).

We had a nice evening, eating, talking, laughing, catching up, sharing the things going on in our lives.  I did not take any pics of us, (for M's sake who asked me not to, but don't know why).  Did get one pic of my sweets.  Hop on over to J's blog, she got a few.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tracks in the Snow

One thing about all of the snow we have, is that it you get interesting tracks/foot prints.  I saw some tracks in the backyard and realized they weren't human or a bunny.  Thinking a racoonor the cat I see wandering around sometimes.

Then later, I saw more tracks in the back of the yard and had came to the conclusion that these were human.  Possibly a child walking home from school looking for a short cut, but then again they lead to the back of the shedd.  Hmmmmmmm, what could they be?  You tell me. 

These three pics are definitely a critter

These two pics are questionable
(but I really think it is the boy next door) you can sort of see where someone would have climbed over the fence since the snow is so high, it would be easy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So today was the "big snow".  It was a snow day, obviously, for all schools (tomorrow too).  My husband was out snow-blowing very early.  I got up at 9:30  and he is still out as of now.  Him, my neighbor, & his son, were out and #5 finally joined them about an hour and half or so ago.  They have been in the neighborhood doing driveways for money.  So I got brave, bundled up and set out to find them and photograph the neighborhood.  There were lots of people out shoveling, kids playing in the snow and some people just didn't even attempt to leave or shovel.

When I was making my way back home, my friend's daughter S, came running out to say there was no school tomorrow either.  Then I looked at her feet and noticed she was bare foot.  Now that's excitement!

Everyone enjoy the beautfiul snow and stay safe!

my back yard fence

back corner of my yard

the sun was out, had to get this pic of the shadow

yes, this is the sun!!!!!

me and my shadow

after I found them, #5 with the snow-blower


P & J having fun!!!!

me all bundled up

S's feet after she ran out to tell us about no school tomorrow!!!!!!