Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Few More Old Photos

A few more photos from the recent find of photos.  I love looking at these and wonder what was going through their minds, what was the weather like, were they having fun, etc.  Maybe someday if I ever get ambitious enough, I may scrap some of these.

This is my mom and her couins H.  They stood up for an uncles wedding.

My mom and her dolls.  Gosh, I was just like her.  I loved my dolls.

A family party.  Lots of  cousins.   My mom (with bow in her hair) standing next to her grandmother.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Latest layout.  I wanted to finish #5's high school pages before summer high school league and travel ball starts.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

RMS Queen Elizabeth

This photo was in my grandmother's album.  It is my grandfathe'rs parents on the RMS Queen  Elizabeth traveling to Europe in 1957.  Check out the two guys in the background looking at them.  Maybe they thought that they were celebrities or some really important people traveling by ship.  If I know my great grandmother (which I did since lived to be about 100 and passed away when I was 20), she did think she was someone really important.  She definetly was to her eight sons. yes, 8, will share a great pic of all them next.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Here are a few pics of my grandmother.  These surprise me because my whole life my grandmother was your typical Italian grandmother who wore her "duster" all the time, cooked in the basement (for EVERYONE, you always went right to the basement, passing the good room with the plastic covered furniture), never drove a car, worked outside the house and worked VERY hard for her family.  The suprise is how beautiful and dressed up she is in these photos.  These were DEFINITELY special occasions.

high school graduation

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Scanner

So, I just got this really cool new scanner.  It's about the size of a ruler and 2 inches wide and all you do is just feed the photos through (almost like a shredder).  I have scanned over 400 pictures in the past few days.  My mom and her two sisters found a photo album that was my grandmothers.  She did not have have a lot of photos of them growing up, so this was quite a found treasure.

I am going to be posting my favorites (don't worry, just a few at a time).  The thing that speaks to me about these photos, is that it is, #1 a look at my past and #2, the wonder of genetics.  I look at the photos of my mother and am still in shock at how much I look like her and even more, how much #5 looks like her too (or me I guess).   Same with my cousins and their parents.

my mother and uncle
(I almost have the same hair cut now)

my mom sitting on my grandfather's lap

a pic of me that I think looks like my mom

#5, five years old, 1st day of kindergarten

Monday, May 16, 2011

My All American Boy

Just thought I'd post this pic with the cool flag effect I just discovered on Picnik.  I am working on a page with this pic.  Will share when it's done.

It's hard to believe that this week the high school season will be over.  #5 had a great year.  I think the coach finally saw in him the talent we all know he has.  Played where ever he was put and played well.  He says that he only needs to play the outfield and pitch and he will have played every position in high school so far.  Coach said maybe he can make that happen.  The pitching is what scares me.  Not that he probably couldn't do it, I know he can (cuz I'm his mom and know how good he is and that he gives 110% of himself  everythime he plays).  It's just him pitching would actually make me too nervous.  Oh well, maybe next year.  He's got 2 more years in high school to play those positions.

The next three games are against Bartlett High.  Big rivalry.  Schools are very close and most of the kids have grown up playing little league and travel baseball together.

Go Storm!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost Post

Apparently Blogger was down to fix a problem they were having withs posts being deleted.  I posted yesterday,  before the shutdown and low and behold, my latest post is missing.  Hmmmmmmm?  Wasn't that what they were supposed to be fixing?  Oh well.  Here are the pics again.  They were just pics of flowers and things I took the other day when the weather was nice and warm.

I am also trying to take my mind off of the phone NOT ringing today.  Today is supposed to be the day recalls start for my job.  I can't leave the house because I'm afraid I'll miss it, but knowing the district, they won't call today.  Oh well, it's been almost a year, what's a few more days?

three goldfinch in my tree.  need to get them some seed

my puppy birdfeeder that the finches love

new tree my parents got us last fall, growing beautifully

flowering tree in front of house

sun setting after a brief storm

toes in the lush, green grass

bumble bee in tree

inside of a tulip

every year we get a friendly frog that sticks around for the summer.  here is this year's frog (need to think of a name for him)

frog hopping away from me

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Storm Pages

Did #5's sophomore baseball pics.  Need to get a few more games in to get more game pics, but wanted to get something done.