Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stay Tuned

Haven't posted lately, due to the renovations and the computer was down a few days because of painting.  But.......the kitchen is just about done and I am waiting for the final "AFTER" pic to post.  Also will be in Flordia for a baseball tournament. for a week

So watch for the kitchen update in about a week or so.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Extra Buttons

You know everytime you buy something new that has buttons and they always give you an extra?  Do any of us ever really keep them, let alone have to use them?  Apparently I would take them off of my new purchases and put them in my bathroom drawer.  Well, as many of you know, I LOVE to shop.  Some might say I have a slight problem, but I recently found alot of these extra buttons (I'm sure there are more hidden somewhere and will surface some time soon), I took them all out of their little packages and these are them.  Now the question is, what to do them?

Of course anything looks good in a (Longaberger) basket!

"Three Daves"

Yesterday, Thursday, I attended (along with my friend M, as were other friends there too) a book signing/reading.  This may not seem like anything exciting, but it was.  The reason being is because the author is a casual friend of mine.  I think that is pretting exciting.  The book is called "Three Daves", by Nicki Elson.  I haven't started reading it yet, but a few pages but can't wait to dig in.  The book is about a 19 year girl, in college set in 1986.  Now being that I experienced the 80's full on (being 21 in 1986), I'm sure I am going to love it.

Nicki has inspired me to get even more creative, maybe not writing a book, but she is so sweet and funny and talented that there is nothing but to be inspired by her.  Her courage alone to set out on this project is inspiring enough.

Here are some pics from the evening:

The Limestone Cafe where the signing was!

Me & Nicki

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blue Part 2

So, today I was looking around the house for "green" things to try and inspire me about green for the house and couldn't find too much.  The roofer/siding guy came by with the samples of siding, one green, one blue.  Both very nice.  I liked the green more than I thought, but still want my blue house.  My husband came home and much to my surprise, he likes the blue too.  So, blue it is.  Could not believe it.  One less choice to make.  Now just to pick paint for the kitchen and family room (cabinets are coming Friday!)

And the winner is........


Some things and reasons why I love blue.  We are going to re-side the house and I want to keep my blue house, but husband is trying to talk me into green.  I went through the house and found some of my favorite blue items.  I will try and do the same with green, but it's not looking good.
My red,white and BLUE house!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm being sarcastic when I use this term today.  I guess I am just so frustrated with rude (probably unhappy) people.  #5 and I went to lunch today.  It was a popular cafe/bakery restaurant in Geneva.  It was crowded as it was lunch time.  It is set up with booths, and tables.  Tables that are for two, but that can be put together for four or pulled apart again for two.  There was a mom with her son (about maybe five) sitting at a table for two, with the second table next to her.  I asked her if she was using the unoccupied side.  She was quite mean and said "what, you want to sit with me (or something like that)"  I said, "no, I will pull it aside and use it".  She very rudely, said 'NO, I'M USING IT".  I was so taken aback by her rudeness, that I was either shaking from being caught off guard or low blood sugar.  I think it was both, but mostly her.  We eventually found a table for two and ate our lunch.  A nice man came up to me and commented on what he witnessed and said that the lady was just plain rude and was rude to the employees.  He made me feel better.  I don't know why I felt so upset about this clearly unhappy women, but I was. 

I guess my point is:  Do people really have to be so mean and rude to others, even if they are strangers?  Wouldn't we all be better off just being nice?  Are people really that mean and/or unhappy that they feel they have to "pick a fight" over the littlest things?  Just something to think about.  Let me know what you think??????

I haven't been feeling that good about myself lately, but after today, I KNOW I am a good, nice person and that just picked me up a little about myself.

Found this quote:

Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are. ~Author Unknown

Monday, July 12, 2010


#5 all the way on the right.  J and C next to him!
(and that's my shadow taking the pic)
I found myself somewhere I haven't been in many years. Across the street at our park. #5 and his teenage friends actually go to the park and swing on the swings. I know this to be true and they are not causing trouble or just hanging out, because I can see them on the swings from my house.

So, with my trusty camera always out lately, I went across the street, took some pics and actually hung out with them. And believe it or not, they didn't seem to mind.

I remember when #5 was little and wanted to go the park all the time. (living across the street didn't help). Honestly there were some days I just didn't want to sit there, or follow him so he wouldn't get hurt. I remember when he learned to swing himself, that was a great day. Other days, we would go and my friends would come and we could just sit and talk.

Gone are those days now. Thinking back of when I wished we weren't there every day, I now long for the days to be with #5. He is not 5 years old any more and attached to my hip, but turning 15 soon and growing up and wanting more freedom. I think he is a pretty good kid and am very proud of him and how he is maturing, but still will always long for my little boy.
Many a day I was sitting on this bench watching him play.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's been a while since I had something to add to my blog. It has been a unique summer, to say the least. Still taking in that I will not have a job to go to this August; home improvement projects going on and #5 turning 15 soon. He is certainly going through some teen changes. Mostly wanting more freedom, and not having his mom around. He also has friends/team mates that drive and that is a little scary for this mom. Although part of me wishes he would be turning 16 instead of 15 this August. That would make getting to practices and games alot easier.

I've been thinking alot of what the sights and sounds of summer are for me. I've been noticing things in a different way lately. Maybe it's because I carry my camera everywhere now. Some of my favorite summer things are:

Watching #5 play baseball, knowing his love and passion for it; Tom Petty on the radio; iced tea and lemonade; the American Flag hanging proudly on my house; little boys eating watermelon; constuction everywhere is not my favorite, but a sure sign of summer; my flowers in full bloom, especially my Hydrangeas, kids playing outside (usually in front of my house); whiffle ball during the day and especially in the evening while they are playing "ghost in the graveyard"; ping pong in the garage. I love watching my neighborhood kids and #5 just being kids. I have watched them all grow up in front of me and hope they all know how lucky they are to have each other. They are all ages, mostly boys with a few girls in the mix. From 8 years old on up to 15. I hope they all keep their connection as they get older.

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I'm hoping to be better at posting more. I will post before and after pics when the kitchen is done.
#5(really 26 for this season, but always #5 to me)
Construction everywhere, you know, if you live near me.
"B" man enjoying his watermelon, he can't enough of it (friends baby)
My backyard Hydrangeas.
My flag haning proudly on my house.